Our Corporate Services Division deals with your company's Corporate Governance. Specifically, we help you not to miss any requirements of the prevailing laws and regulations, and, therefore, your company can maintain its good standing.


PT ASA Indonesia has been providing the corporate services since 2010.


We have assisted hundred of companies, including publicly listed companies, multinational companies and their International incorporated subsidiaries, non-government organizations and fund structures.


Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest rules and regulations governing businesses and other entities. We are well-equipped to take care of both routine and extraordinary matters effectively and efficiently on behalf of your organization.

Below are the profiles of our consultant in the tax division:

Francisca started her professional career over 15 years ago with Arthur Andersen & Co, Jakarta, Indonesia, where she gained experiences as an external auditor and business advisor.

Before founding PT ASA Indonesia, she worked as a finance/accounting and controller in a private company. Francisca is an expert in taxation and has served many clients in accounting, tax and consulting services.

Setyani started her career as an auditor in Arthur Andersen, Jakarta, Indonesia in 1985. She is specialised in auditing, accounting, and tax. Currently, she heads up the payroll division.She graduated from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, majoring in Accounting.

Corporate Services Indonesia

We offer a full range of corporate services which can be tailored to meet your company's specific needs.


We provide guidance & assistance for companies who want to start business in Indonesia or to establish a branch office in Indonesia.

Reporting Compliance

We have extensive experience in helping clients design, implement and enforce comprehensive enterprise-wide compliance programs to reduce their potential legal exposure.

Board and Shareholder Meetings

We help the boards of shareholders, from listed companies as well as family-owned or capital-controlled companies, to support them in the new challenges.

License Monitoring and Support

PT. Asa Indonesia have team of highly experienced practitioners who will help you determine which licenses you need and guide you through the process.


Our team of highly experienced practitioners who work regularly on various types of liquidations. We can assist you to decide the optimal liquidation process given the circumstances.

Other Coporate Secretarial

We offer a full range of corporate services which can be tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

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