We offer cost-effective tax advisory services to improve your tax efficiency and would be happy to work with you to develop inspired solutions for any tax situations you are facing.


PT ASA INDONESIA has been providing taxation services since 2009. Strong and experienced team of tax professionals are dedicated to providing quality tax services. We have an unmatched depth of real-world experience.

The combination of our experience, technical excellence, our staff commitment we are capable to deliver excellent solutions to any tax situations.


Our foreign clients came from many countries around the world.
We have served medium to large, local and foreign companies in Indonesia. These companies involved in various types of businesses and non-profit organizations, listed as well as private companies.


We have staff with the appropriate experience and availability to provide high level of service and to maintain both quality and client satisfaction.
We train and structure our team in such away that we could attain the best results. We take training seriously, as we believe that people can change and by change we can produce better results. We believe that training is an investment not cost.

Here are the profiles of our consultant in the tax division:

Patrick J. Reinhart

Patrick started his career as a tax professional in Arthur Andersen & Co., Jakarta, Indonesia in 1989. He gained experiences as tax expertise in Tax Division of GPU & Co. Then, in year 1997, he joined PB & Co. (later called as PB Taxand).

His expertise is in tax planning, tax restructuring, and tax disputes.

He graduated from the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, majoring in Fiscal Administration.

Tax Services Indonesia

Our services encompass wide range of taxation services.

Our experience tax consultants would be happy to work with you to develop inspired solutions for any tax situation you are facing.

Tax Compliance Services

We have strong team to provide tax compliance service of a consistently high quality. We can assist you to manage your tax compliance issues and risks.

With our Tax Compliance Services, you’ll make sure you meet all the obligations with respect to taxation.

Our services include:

Corporate  Tax  Compliance:

  • Annual and Monthly Income Tax Returns
  • Monthly VAT Returns
  • Monthly Withholding Tax Returns

Individual Tax Compliance:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns

Expatriate Taxation:

We can assist expatriates working in Indonesia with their tax reporting and render advisory services, including registration with local tax authorities and preparation of personal tax returns.

Tax Advisory Services

We offer cost-effective tax advisory services to improve your tax efficiency and would be happy to work with you to develop inspired solution for any tax situations you are facing.

Our Tax Advisory Consultants can help you to plan ahead your taxation matters, or to work with you to come up with resolution to your tax problems.

These may include:

  • Border Tax Issues
  • Tax review/diagnostics
  • Tax Audit/Verification
  • Tax Objection
  • Tax Appeal
  • Tax Refund
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Tax Planning
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Tax Due Diligence

Cross Border Tax Issues

We identify, assist and propose the best alternatives and solutions for any cross-border tax issues.

Local Tax Consultation

We advice you with our views and interpretations of tax rules and regulations within the context of the tax situation you are facing. We give recommendations that will give you the best alternatives.

Tax Audit / Verification

We gather, compile, review and submit all relevant documents and represent you to tax auditors. We analyze any corrections made by tax auditors. At the end, we prepare the response letter and get the best results of the tax assessment letter issued.

Tax Review

We provide company tax reviews based on a diagnostic of your books and records. We gather, identify, and advice if all tax rules and regulations have been complied with, and give the best solutions to maximize tax savings.

Tax Refund

We assist you when you have overpayment on any types of taxes. We gather, compile, file the refund request, represent you at the tax office and get the refund from the goverment.

Tax Objection & Appeal

We assist, prepare, and file a letter of objection and represent you in an appeal to the tax court.

Tax Planning

We assist and give the solutions on clients commercial transactions and give advice and get a maximum tax savings from tax perspective.

Merger, Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring

We advice you to get the maximum tax benefit on any single transaction or restructure the proposed scheme to get a maximum tax savings.

Tax Due Diligence

We assist you to do a Tax Due Diligence in a business acquisition or other purpose. We analyze any tax exposures that may arise and our reports can be used as guidance for the Management to make decisions.

Confirmation Letter

We assist and help you to get a written confirmation from the Directorate General of Taxes on specific tax issues that are not clear for its tax treatment.

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